Who Will Feed Us? - Booklet

The Industrial Food Chain or the Peasant Food Web?

This short report compares the industrial food system with peasant farming. Industrial farming gets all the attention (and most of the land). It accounts for more than 80% of the fossil fuel emissions and uses over 70% of the water supply used in agriculture, but it actually produces only about 30% of the world's food.

In this succinct, illustrated booklet, you'll find the answers to these questions...

• Who produces more food per hectare?
• Who will conserve our aquatic harvest? 
• Who will protect our forest foods? 
• Who can reduce agriculture’s GHG emissions? 
...and many more.
Download the PDF in these formats:
• For online reading booklet whitout notes
• For online reading booklet with notes
For printing booklet without notes
If you are interested in a printing version with notes please contact grupoetc@etcgroup.org
En español tambien, et en français!

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