Darrin Qualman

Portrait de Darrin Qualman

Darrin Qualman grew up on a farm in central Saskatchewan and farmed there with his family until the mid-1990s.  From 1996 to 2010, he served first as the National Farmers Union’s Executive Secretary (Executive Director) and then as Director of Research. His work with the NFU includes the publications The Farm Crisis and Corporate Profits; The Structural Adjustment of Canadian Agriculture (with Nettie Wiebe); and The Farm Crisis, Bigger Farms, and the Myths of “Competition” and “Efficiency.”  He took a lead role in many national campaigns, including ones to stop the introduction of genetically modified wheat; to create more locally-controlled food systems; and to explain and counter corporate power in the food system.  He is completing a book on civilization, energy, material flows, and ecology.  His current work is with the National Farmers Union, researching agriculture, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions.  Darrin has a B.Sc. in Biology, and B.A.s in Political Studies and History from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Position / Short job description: 
Board Member