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As well as dealing with Monsanto in Munich this week, ETC Group has also been raising the alarm about a massive geo-engineering experimen

In the midst of our new fight over geoengineering near the Galapagos, we've got good news over a very old fight with Monsanto...

In a couple of days Hope Shand from ETC Group will be in court in the European patent Office to challenge Monsanto's Patent on Soy beans - a patent that we have been contesting for 13 years and that originally Monsanto themselves opposed!!

The biotech industry claims that the global area devoted to GM crops in 2005 was 90 million hectares - or 222 million acres.

In this article the author makes a very enlightening summary of corporate concentration during 2006, and how this affects our lives as simple citizens even though we think its something happening far away by Silvia Ribeiro Corporate concentration through global mergers and acquisitions reached a

On October 10, ETC Group attended the US Food and Drug Administrations first public meeting on nanotechnology. About 40 people had signed up to make presentations, and we were each given eight minutes to say our piece to the FDAs newly-formed Nanotechnology Task Force.

Nano-Drug's Dirty Little Secret

On September 12 just days before Mexico celebrates its Independence Day ETC Group and several Mexican organizations held a press conference in Mexico City and declared the traditional Cry of Independence, but this time for the genetic independence of Mexican maize.

The Economist this week has a Special Report on Synthetic Biology , the new field of building artificial life forms from scratch.


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