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Geoengineering at COP 13 - Convention on Biological Diversity (Briefing)
Briefing for Government Delegates
Webinar: Are GMOs 2.0 in your food & cosmetics? (Event)
An introduction to synthetic biology for shoppers
The Monsanto–Bayer tie-up is just one of seven; Mega-Mergers and Big Data Domination Threaten Seeds, Food Security (News/Press Release)
Policymakers could still block the agribiz mergers; peasants and farmers will continue the fight for seeds and rights
30 Environmental Leaders say 'No!' to Gene Drives in Conservation (News/Press Release)
Genetic “Extinction” Technology Rejected by International Group of Scientists, Conservationists and Environmental Advocates
Reckless Driving: Gene Drives and the End of Nature (Briefing)
A briefing from the Civil Society Working Group on Gene Drives
Stop The Gene Bomb! ETC Group Comment on NAS Report on Gene Drives (News/Press Release)
First study on gene drive governance avoids the explosive issues: Militarization, Commercialization, Food Security. ETC Group urges that gene drive patents and governance be handed to the United Nations.
The Industrial Food Chain's Recipe for a Box Lunch (Briefing)
Who’s going to eat whose lunch … the Hardware Grunts or the Software Gurus? The Battle for the control of agricultural inputs is just beginning. Time for a “Kickboxer” Campaign?
Craig Venter Lays an Easter Egg (News/Press Release)
Six Years in the Making, “Synthia” is Resurrected
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