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NEWS RELEASE: Europe bows to Bayer-Monsanto... US may follow (News/Press Release)
Civil society responds with call for a UN Treaty on Competition
Information Brief: Bugs and Bytes (Briefing)
Monsanto-Bayer to dominate in Microbials and Big Data-Driven Precision Agriculture
ETC is Hiring (Article)
Come work with us!
Movements of Millions Say No to Gene Drives as Brazil Attempts to Legalize Genetic Extinction Technology (Article)
Regulatory change would spread modified genetic traits to wild organisms
2017: The Year of Bits, Bots and Blockchains (Article)
ETC Group’s Irreverent Year in Review... again
Global Wins from Early Warnings (Article)
Seven key ETC victories from the first 40 years
The 2040 Fund (Article)
Illuminating pathways out of the current mess
The Gene Drive Files (News/Press Release)
Disclosed emails reveal military as top funder; Gates Foundation paying $1.6 million to influence UN expert process
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