Semences « Terminator » et nouveaux enclos

The genetic modification of plants to produce sterile seeds (dubbed "Terminator" technology by ETC Group) has been widely condemned as an immoral application of biotechnology. If commercialized, Terminator would prevent farmers from re-using seed from their harvest, forcing them to return to the commercial seed market for every planting. But Terminator is just one of a range of technological and legal strategies that corporations are developing to exercise monopoly control over the stuff of life -- strategies that ETC Group refers to as "New Enclosures." Non-patent approaches, such as genetic trait control, satellite surveillance, and digital rights management software could be used to impose new monopolies beyond intellectual property as the predominant means of corporate control in the 21st century.

Pouvoir des grandes sociétés et ultime frontière de la marchandisation du vivant 28 nov 2008

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Solutions politiques pour les ressources génétiques (Un Brevet pour la vie revisité) 31 déc 2000