Artist's impression of a digital Trojan horse on the farm
Challenging the digitalization of agriculture: six key questions 11 Apr 2024
Orange tinted sunset
Harvard´s SCoPEx experiment to block the sun cancelled 18 Mar 2024
A controversial proposal was shut down by Global South countries and broad civil society resistance 1 Mar 2024
Withdrawn resolution on solar geoengineering at UNEA6 is a "victory for common sense", says HOME Alliance 1 Mar 2024
Briefing for UNEA6 Delegates on Solar Radiation Modification 20 Feb 2024
meme with scenes from the matrix that read "research, monitoring, advocacy. ETC group is hiring. Join the crew."
ETC Group is looking for a new team member to focus on our work on geoengineering. 15 Feb 2024
Food Barons report cover art showing peasants resisting corporate digital giants
Episode 3 of 'Who will control the food system?' 17 Jan 2024
The conclusions of COP 28 will do nothing for the health of our planet, as snake oil salesmen rule the roost in the UNFCCC at the moment. 21 Dec 2023