Recent Reports by ETC Group

Envisaging rice farming in 2045 under two very different food systems
We map out two very different futures for food systems, people and the planet
An introduction to a dangerous new technology putting Africans at risk
Mapping Corporate Power in Big Food
How Gene Drive Organisms Could Entrench Industrial Agriculture and Threaten Food Sovereignty
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Manifesto Against Geoengineering
Synthetic Biology's New Spin on Fast Fashion
Mega-mergers and the concentration of power in the agri-food sector
The Case Against Climate Geoengineering
The Peasant Food Web vs. the Industrial Food Chain
Potential Impacts on Haiti’s Farming Communities
Engineering life and livelihood
Big Ag Mega-Mergers in Play; Dow + Dupont in the Pocket? Next: Demonsanto?
Synthetic Biology and Climate Smart Agriculture
an ETC Group and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Report