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Video/podcast #3: Which new normal?

ETC Group on COVID, data giants, the food system and community responses
Those backing risky new technologies are seeing growing profits and power during the COVID-19 crisis. From fast-tracking genomic testing and novel vaccines to automation of ‘people-free’ supply chains, the pandemic is benefitting Big Tech.
From the rise of Zoom and Netflix to enhanced data-surveillance of populations, Silicon Valley and its financial backers  are not only shaping how the crisis is lived, but are positioning themselves to shape behaviours and write the rules in a post-crisis new order.

Geoengineers test risky planetary engineering scheme in Australia

Experiment defies 193-country UN moratorium

MEXICO CITY, DAVAO CITY, MONTREAL, May 11—In a shocking move, a small group of Australian geoengineers have defied an international moratorium on the deployment of geoengineering technologies. To accomplish this, the project rebranded a risky geoengineering technology – in this case, brightening clouds to reflect solar energy back into space – as a plan to save the Great Barrier Reef. 

ETC Podcast #2: The Next Agribusiness Takeover

Pat Mooney talks global corporate power moves

In episode #2 of the ETC Podcast (recorded in January), founder Pat Mooney discusses ETC's communiqué, The Next Agribusiness Takeover: Multilateral Food Agencies and the moves powerful corporate actors are making to take over global food policy institutions.

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The Emergency is the Disease, not the Symptom: Video

Gopal Dayaneni on the pandemic, geoengineering and the meaning of urgency

Interviewed on March 27, 2020, ETC Group's Gopal Dayaneni describes the use of "climate emergency" framing to justify geoengineering, and how our political imagination will determine the outcome. Gopal's commentary is in response to a question about the climate emergency framing, and how it is being used to justify previously unthinkable and unproven geoengineering methods.

Statement to the Extraordinary Meeting of G20 Agriculture Ministers, April 21, 2020

By international CSOs



As the COVID-19 health emergency unleashes a wider social and economic crisis, we believe that urgent action is indeed needed to safeguard global food security and nutrition. Action, however, cannot be limited to ensuring the flow of food supplies. A broader range of measures are necessary to ensure food security, in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

The Next Agribusiness Takeover: Multilateral Food Agencies

Stakeholders vs. Steak-eaters

Between now and late 2021, the World Economic Forum, agri-food conglomerates, IT companies and philanthropists (led by the Gates Foundation) have teamed up to spearhead three separate initiatives which could converge and utterly transform the multilateral agricultural system.

At stake is influence over four institutions with a combined annual budget of $11 billion and 5100 scientific/professional staff.

Three Big Battles for Global Food Policy Looming

World Food Systems Summit is part of a three-pronged corporate food policy power grab
February 12, 2020—A corporate alliance (consisting of Big Ag, the World Economic Forum, philanthro-capitalists and others) have spearheaded three separate initiatives (the Food Systems Summit, restructuring research institutions, acceleration of data collection) which threaten to converge and utterly transform the multilateral food and agriculture system. 

Gene Drive organisms: Destructive and Uncontrollable

Brief video about gene drives, by ETC Group and Swissaid

 Gene drive organisms have been greeted with a breathless euphoria by some geneticists, policy-makers and philanthropists. By manipulating the sexual reproductive system of organisms, the promoters of the technology claim they should be able to exterminate some species that are harmful to humans. However, once we look behind the headline-grabbing claims, it becomes clear that the use of this technology could put food systems and humanity at serious risk of irreversible harm.

See the video here:

The Right to Climate Justice (COP 25 Madrid)

Collective Convergence for Just Solutions and Against Geoengineering

Wed, 04 Dec 2019 11:30 to 13:00 Room 4 - Blue Zone

Climate crisis requires a real transformative shift away from fossil fuels in the production and consumption of everything. Grassroots movements and civil society organizations are making this shift through rights-based proposals that stand in stark contrast to geoengineering and other false solutions.


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