Climate & Geoengineering: all materials

The Volkswagen scandal is a warning that the Fossil Majors can’t be trusted to control GHG emissions 1 Oct 2015
Pope Francis’s encyclical takes on the Fossil Fuel Industry – and much more 18 Jun 2015
A proposed merger of seed and pesticide conglomerates portends a new level of monopoly over the first link in the global food chain 14 May 2015
Why we shouldn’t fund geoengineering experimentation, and what we still need to learn about the climate 10 Feb 2015
Critical resource on geoengineering and resistance 9 Feb 2015
Responding to Andy Parker of IASS-Potsdam 10 Dec 2014
IPCC’s latest recommendations based on dangerous “magical thinking”: observers 31 Oct 2014
Cooler heads prevail in IPCC’s Working Group II 30 Mar 2014
A Briefing for Delegates March/April 2014 28 Mar 2014
Rio+20’s Year of Postpartum Digressions 7 Jan 2014