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Briefing for Government Delegates 4 Dec 2016
Genetic “Extinction” Technology Rejected by International Group of Scientists, Conservationists and Environmental Advocates 1 Sep 2016
First study on gene drive governance avoids the explosive issues: Militarization, Commercialization, Food Security. ETC Group urges that gene drive patents and governance be handed to the United Nations. 8 Jun 2016
Who’s going to eat whose lunch … the Hardware Grunts or the Software Gurus? The Battle for the control of agricultural inputs is just beginning. 30 May 2016
More than 100 civil society organizations raise alarm about FAO biotechnology meeting 15 Feb 2016
Big Ag Mega-Mergers in Play; Dow + Dupont in the Pocket? Next: Demonsanto? 15 Dec 2015
Synthetic Biology and Climate Smart Agriculture 26 Nov 2015
A proposed merger of seed and pesticide conglomerates portends a new level of monopoly over the first link in the global food chain 14 May 2015
Calls on UN bodies to take action 5 Dec 2014
SynBio industry’s wild west days are numbered 20 Oct 2014
SynBio industry’s wild west days are numbered 20 Oct 2014
Synthetic Biology States vs. the Rest of the World 15 Oct 2014