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Treasurer's Report:

The 1998/99 fiscal year was a good one for RAFI, both programmatically and financially. This coincidence of events is rare. Our history has shown us that ambitious, cutting-edge work does not always attract the resources needed to support it. But this year, it did. RAFI’s continued opposition to the seedsterilizing “Terminator “ technology won the support of several generous new supporters, while faithful past supporters continued to provide funding for our ongoing work. The result was not just a modest surplus, but enough future funding commitments to permit RAFI to hire additional full-time research staff.

This puts RAFI in a stronger programmatic and financial position than it has ever been in. We are therefore optimistic about the coming year, but also very mindful of our less secure past. We begin the new financial year with plans to develop a three-year program, in order to further solidify RAFI’s long-term financial viability. At the same time, we will continue to manage our resources carefully and to carry out the pioneering research upon which rests the confidence of our valued donors and supporters.