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Media Impact
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The following records provide a crude measure of RAFI's outreach, and by extrapolation, of RAFI's impact during 1999. Though no replacement for quantitative indicators, these lists - of RAFI Communiqués, News Releases, and GenoTypes - provide a thumbnail sketch of the issues RAFI has addressed over the year, and the publications we have released about them. The later summaries (of media contacts and coverage in the North and South, and of speaking engagements and other events where RAFI's research was disseminated) provide additional measures of RAFI's contact with the public. Lastly, a summary of RAFI's electronic information services illustrates the dramatic increase dissemination of RAFI's research and publications via the internet. Because we have conducted a periodical search for media references in North America, the media coverage we know about is significantly skewed in favour of North America. Media impact in the South and Europe is almost certainly under-represented on this list. Known citations of RAFI material in academic journals have not been included, because we have not monitored these publications systematically. We do know, however, that RAFI is quoted frequently in a wide range of scientific, legal and other specialized publications. We also know that RAFI material is further distributed, as it appears, on several well subscribed listservers, including GRAIN's "BIO-IPR Resource Pointer", and the Global Forum on Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security.