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As global crises of food, finance and the environment converge and powerful new technologies accelerate far-reaching social and ecological change, the need has never been stronger for coordinated and equitable global decison-making. Unfortunately, at the same moment, multilateral institutions, such as agencies of the United Nations, are experiencing a crisis of legitimacy as power moves to the international financial institutions and the corporations that structure the global economy. ETC Group has been active in various UN and other international and regional fora for the past thirty years, pushing for greater involvement of farmers, civil society and social movements in decisions that affect them, proposing new treaties and governance frameworks and warning against the corporate takeover of our international institutions.

Cambios en la normativa de bioseguridad legalizan manipulación transgénica de plantas y animales silvestres 23 Feb 2018
Un mapa interactivo del Grupo ETC y la Fundación Boell muestra dónde se busca desplegar la geoingeniería 9 Nov 2017
Resumen prepardo por la sociedad civil 6 Jul 2017
108 organizaciones exigieron al IPCC que revisara el flagrante conflicto de intereses 2 Jun 2017
El Convenio sobre Diversidad Biológica reafirma su moratoria sobre la geoingeniería relacionada con el clima 16 Dic 2016
A propósito de la carta para promover los transgénicos 6 Jul 2016