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The Wisdom of G.O.A.T.S (Global Overview Assessments of Technological Systems) (Briefing)
A Proposed Approach to Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Governance for Sustainability
A civil society briefing on Geoengineering (Briefing)
Climate change, smoke and mirrors
Civil society: “Oil companies should not author IPCC report” (News/Press Release)
108 organizations urged IPCC to review flagrant conflict of interest of allowing two oil company employees to co-author a crucial report on global warming
Trump Administration Inflates Geoengineers’ Balloon (News/Press Release)
Harvard scientists in Washington talk up stratospheric geoengineering experiments that would violate UN decision
2016: The Year that Wasn't Normal (News/Press Release)
ETC Group's Long-Awaited 2016 Year-in-Review
Four Steps Forward, One Leap Back on Global Governance of Synthetic Biology (News/Press Release)
UN Biodiversity Convention grapples with threats posed by extreme biotech industry
UN Convention still says “No” to manipulating the climate (News/Press Release)
UN Convention on Biological Diversity reaffirms its moratorium on climate-related geoengineering
Deere & Co. is becoming ‘Monsanto in a Box’ (Briefing)
ETC Group’s Year-End Update on Global Agriculture’s Mega-Mergers
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