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#5: Algorithmic Colonisation with Abeba Birhane

Is there such a thing as "ethical AI"?

In this podcast episode, ETC Group speaks to Abeba Birhane, a PhD candidate in cognitive science at University College Dublin in the School of Computer Science. Birhane talks about her work on the algorithmic colonisation of Africa, why we need to normalise critical thinking on new technologies and if there is such a thing as “ethical" AI.

Has the synthetic biology industry hijacked IUCN?

Gates-funded synbio lobby firm Emerging Ag Inc takes driving seat in IUCN discussion on biodiversity and synbio.
Butterfly in Glen Art Reserve, East Gippsland, Australia

MEXICO, 3 September 2020 : Emerging Ag Inc., a synthetic biotech industry lobbying firm, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has been allowed to take a driving seat in discussions about biodiversity conservation and synthetic biology amongst members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in advance of IUCN’s next World Congress in 2021 [1]. 

Celebrating the Life of Sven Hamrell

Groundbreaking thinker, President of RAFI and ETC Group boards
The staff and board of ETC Group are saddened to learn of the passing of Sven Hamrell, aged 92, on July 2nd 2020. Sven was long-term former Executive Director of the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation (DHF) in Uppsala Sweden and "President for Life" of RAFI (the former name of ETC Group). He left a huge imprint on the shape and thinking of global civil society and on RAFI/ETC Group in particular. 

Geoengineering Threatens Oceans

High-risk geoengineering projects are proceeding in violation of UN moratoria

MONTREAL, SYDNEY, UTQIAGVIK, SANTIAGO—On World Oceans Day, members of a global coalition formed by 195 organizations on 45 countries are raising the alarm about the threat of geoengineering to delicate, life-sustaining ocean ecosystems worldwide. The Hands Off Mother Earth (HOME) Campaign today called on civil society and government officials worldwide to vigorously oppose marine geoengineering experiments.

Video/podcast #3: Which new normal?

ETC Group on COVID, data giants, the food system and community responses
Those backing risky new technologies are seeing growing profits and power during the COVID-19 crisis. From fast-tracking genomic testing and novel vaccines to automation of ‘people-free’ supply chains, the pandemic is benefitting Big Tech.
From the rise of Zoom and Netflix to enhanced data-surveillance of populations, Silicon Valley and its financial backers  are not only shaping how the crisis is lived, but are positioning themselves to shape behaviours and write the rules in a post-crisis new order.

Geoengineers test risky planetary engineering scheme in Australia

Experiment defies 193-country UN moratorium

MEXICO CITY, DAVAO CITY, MONTREAL, May 11—In a shocking move, a small group of Australian geoengineers have defied an international moratorium on the deployment of geoengineering technologies. To accomplish this, the project rebranded a risky geoengineering technology – in this case, brightening clouds to reflect solar energy back into space – as a plan to save the Great Barrier Reef. 

ETC Podcast #2: The Next Agribusiness Takeover

Pat Mooney talks global corporate power moves

In episode #2 of the ETC Podcast (recorded in January), founder Pat Mooney discusses ETC's communiqué, The Next Agribusiness Takeover: Multilateral Food Agencies and the moves powerful corporate actors are making to take over global food policy institutions.

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The Emergency is the Disease, not the Symptom: Video

Gopal Dayaneni on the pandemic, geoengineering and the meaning of urgency

Interviewed on March 27, 2020, ETC Group's Gopal Dayaneni describes the use of "climate emergency" framing to justify geoengineering, and how our political imagination will determine the outcome. Gopal's commentary is in response to a question about the climate emergency framing, and how it is being used to justify previously unthinkable and unproven geoengineering methods.


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