Dr Tom Wakeford

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Dr Tom Wakeford is a biologist, action researcher and participatory worker. He works in collaboration with civil society organisations and popular movements in relation to science, technology and their interface with society and our environment.
Having studied the natural sciences at the universities of Cambridge and York, Tom became involved in a range of different processes of participatory technology assessment as well as using participatory action research in other areas, such as climate justice and biotechnology. He has collaborated with a wide range of civil society organisations in the UK, the European Union, India, Brazil, Zimbabwe and Myanmar. An anti-racism activist, he has particular expertise in working with individuals and groups who have been excluded from traditional top-down processes of public participation. 
Tom is author and co-editor of articles and books on issues ranging across the sciences and humanities, including Participatory Action Research (2018), Everyday Experts (2017), People’s Knowledge: Escaping the White Walled Labyrinth (2016), Empowered Participation (2008), Liaisons of Life (2001) and Science for the Earth (1995). He is a Fellow of the Linnean Society, Trustee of Medact and Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Exeter.


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Europe Director