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Thursday 30th December 1993

-Human Genome Diversity Project


-Castor Oil


-US Patents Awarded on Materials Derived from African Plants: Monelli0n and Thaumatin



-Bovine Growth Hormone

-Genetically Engineered Human Milk Proteins

-Bio-Piracy and Neem

-Who Owns Bt and

-Potato Blight

Cotton Monopolies: Conservation and Use of Native Colored Cotton for Development

Tuesday 30th November 1993

Patent-like claims on two coloured cotton varieties raise many questions and concerns about the ownership and control of coloured cotton, and the lack of compensation for indigenous knowledge and germplasm from the South.

Importance of Cotton as a Foreign Exchange Earner. What Impact on Farmers?

Sunday 1st August 1993

Agracetus, a subsidiary of W.R. Grace, receives a shockingly broad US patent covering all genetically engineered cotton varieties. This is the first reported case where one patent covers all transgenic plants of an entire species.

Early Warning for Third World Farmers. Update: Bovine Growth Hormone in Mexico

Wednesday 30th June 1993

Genpharm claims that its bio-engineered human proteins have the potential to make infant formula more "nutritionally complete." Will infant formula manufacturers revive unethical marketing practices that have led to death and illness for millions of children in the Third World?

Preservation Versus Conservation; Intellectual Property Rights

Sunday 30th May 1993

RAFI warns that the Human Genome Diversity Project's outrageous proposal to collect human DNA from 722 communities around the world has serious implications for indigenous peoples. Will profits be made from the genes of poor people whose physical survival is in question? Who will have access and what benefits will accrue to indigenous communities?

What Benefit for Ethiopia? New and Controversial Developments in Intellectual Property

Tuesday 30th March 1993

The University of Toledo applies for a patent on Ethiopia's Endod to control zebra mussels, but royalties will not go to the plant's original innovators.

Green Revolution Revisited? Exploiting Wild Genetic Resources

Monday 30th November 1992

A backgrounder on rice biotechnology and the public and private efforts to engineer the world's most important food crop.

Thursday 1st October 1992

Three new developments in potato production:

- True potato seed

- Rapid multiplication technologies for seed potatoes

- Genetic engineering for potatoes

Early Warning for East African Pyrethrum Farmers

Tuesday 30th June 1992

Research on genetic engineering of Pyrethrins, the insecticidal compounds derived from the pyrethrum flower (Chrysanthemum spp.) .  A US based biotechnology company seeks to produce "unlimited supplies of pyrethrin" in the laboratory.


A Report on Work in Progress

Thursday 31st October 1991

RAFI takes a look at early R&D in genetic modification of maize, including the financial stakes and major players, goals of transformation, and prospects for commercialization.


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