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Wednesday 31st July 1991

In 1987 RAFI first reported on the efforts of two biotech companies to produce natural vanilla flavor in the laboratory. If commercially successful, this technology could displace over 70,000 farmers who grow vanilla beans in Madagascar. Here is RAFI's update four years later.

The Quest for Alternative Rubber Sources; Guayule - An Alternative Source of Natural Rubber for the United States

Sunday 30th June 1991

 Will bio-synthesis of natural rubber and the development of rubber-producing substitutes such as guayule adversely affect millions of small-scale rubber producers in Asia, Africa and Latin America?

RAFI surveys current biotech R&D on natural rubber substitutes.

Tuesday 30th October 1990

Field trials and commercial sale of Bovine Growth Horm0ne in the developing world.

Thursday 1st February 1990

Scientists are transforming common plant oils (such as soybean) into castor oil equivalents using enzymes or microbes.

The Particle Gun, RFLP Tech; and New Hybrid Crops

Saturday 30th December 1989

Three Developments in Plant Biotechnology: The Particle Gun, RFLP Tech; and New Hybrid Crops and the companies that control them.

Wednesday 1st November 1989

Mergers, acquisitions and business failures in the biotech industry.

Sunday 30th July 1989

The application of biotechnologies to coffee.

Friday 30th June 1989

Vanilla and Biotechnology (Originally published in 1987-updated June 19, 1989): Natural vanilla production via cell culture technology.

Thursday 1st June 1989

Farmers’ Rights: The Informal Innovation System at GATT (TRIPS) and Intellectual Property Negotiations in the Context of New Biotechnologies

Thursday 30th March 1989

Modern biotechnology places premiums on South's medicinal plants for the development of new drugs.


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