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Wednesday 1st February 1989

Pyrethrum & Biotechnologie-Nutzpflanze:Chrysanthemen

Monday 30th January 1989

Genetic engineers are using the toxic protein of the bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis, to develop insecticidal plants and new, more effectve biocontrols for agriculture.

Schwerpunkt: Bacillus Thuringiensis

Sunday 1st January 1989

Mikrobielle Insektizide

Schwerpunkt: Bacillus Thuringiensis

(German version)

Sunday 30th October 1988

IBPGR's role related to embargoes requires close examination.

Saturday 30th July 1988

Bio-synthesis of indigo dye (primarily used for coloring denim jeans). Biological production of indigo dye has potential to eliminate chemical production in USA, Germany and Japan. May result in process which is less energy intensive and more environmentally sound.

Thursday 30th June 1988

Genetic modification of vegetable oil. 

All major vegetable oils will be affected. 

The report focuses on oil palm

Wednesday 30th December 1987

Agricultural inputs (seeds, pesticides, fertilizers) are undergoing majore corporate and technological change.

Monday 30th November 1987

The use of genetic engineering to make plants tolerant of the damaging effects of herbicides.

Patents on new forms of animal life proposed by U.S. government

Thursday 30th July 1987

Ownership and control of new livestock breeds will become concentrated in hands of biotechnology companies, result in higher costs for farmers and encourage genetic uniformity in animal breeds.

Thursday 30th July 1987

The International Board of Plant Genetic Resources is undertaking an evaluation of each gene bank which is previously designated as a "base" for plant germplasm storage. A partial report covering the first 17 banks was submitted to the board in February, 1987, exposing major security problems.



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Corporate Gene Hunters' Bid for Monopoly on Icelanders' DNA put on Hold

Tuesday 16th June 1998

The Iceland government has been forced to postpone a bill to give genomics company, deCODE an exclusive license to collect current and retrospective medical information about all Icelanders into a central database and the sole right to commercial exploitation. A number of major concerns were cited in the announcement to postpone the initiative.

Implications of the Monsanto / American Home Products Merger

Thursday 11th June 1998

The $33 billion merger between AHP and Monsanto will force the life industry into a race to see who will come out on top. The merger creates a new challenge for anti-trust and anti-monopoly law enforcement in the areas of pharmaceuticals, crop chemicals, plant breeding, human genomics, and livestock.

Saturday 30th May 1998

As a result of solid NGO pressure, the ominous Terminator Technology" became a topic of substantive discussion and debate at the recent meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP IV) in Bratislava, Slovakia, 4-15 May.

Andean Farmers Defeat U.S. University

Friday 22nd May 1998

Andean farmers forced Colorado State University to surrender its US patent on 'Apelawa" quinoa. The anti-patent campaign that began 14 months ago (1997) ended on May 1st 1998 when on eof the quinoa 'inventors' admitted that the patent had been abandoned.

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