ETC's reports and articles

Questions for the Food and Climate Crises 31 Oct 2009
The Committee on World Food Security Passes a Test, but… 21 Oct 2009
Geoengineering as 21st century fairytale 1 Oct 2009
Science Fictions: UK's Royal Society to issue major report on geoengineering; ban real-world experiments, says ETC Group 31 Aug 2009
News Release by Biofuelwatch / ETC Group / Greenpeace 20 Jul 2009
‘No to Dubious Biotech-fixes for Climate Change’ 15 Jul 2009
Climate Engineers Seek Techno-fix As Global Negotiations Get Underway 31 May 2009
Orbit Engineering Proposal Takes Top Prize in ETC Group's Pie-in-the-Sky Contest for Do-it-Yourself Geo-engineers 21 Apr 2009
President opens door to Terminator seeds 16 Apr 2009
Reported musing by Obama Advisor is dangerous 13 Apr 2009
147 organisations from 44 countries warn against 'biochar' (large-scale charcoal) as a dangerous new false solution to climate change 8 Apr 2009