May 16, 2000

The Captain Hook Awards 2000

For Outstanding Achievements in Biopiracy

The Coalition Against BioPiracy (CAB) presents the much un-coveted 'Hook' at the Biodiversity Convention in Nairobi.

Among those on the glory trail to the Hook Awards are the U.S. Government – a winner or runner-up in several categories; the Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties (UPOV), a Geneva-based intellectual property convention that, according to Hook’s jurists, has done less than almost anyone to protect plant varieties from piracy; and, the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein for coveting Basmati rice. Honours will also go to those who have opposed biopiracy. Among those to receive awards are the quinoa farmers of Bolivia and the people and government of The Philippines and India, for their success in defeating predatory patents and defending their intellectual integrity.

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