November 22, 1999

GMO (God May Object?)

Unholy Alliance - Corporate Cristi at the Vatican

The (Holy Roman?) Empire Strikes Back – For the past two years, the Gene Giants and the Food industry have been reeling from one media disaster after another and retreating from mounting consumer and producer opposition. The Alliance for Better Foods is the belated and bothered counter-attack from the U.S. multinationals. In launching their dialogue with the public while simultaneously announcing their determined support for biotechnology and GMOs, the industry is trying to pre-determine the dialogue rather than listen to its critics. By linking their announcement of the “Alliance” with the Vatican’s ill-starred pontification, the companies look more manipulative and self-serving than ever. Never the freshest tomatoes on the shelf, the food industry is setting itself up for failure. This past spring in Europe, food industry reps told the gene giants that they wouldn’t “take a bullet” for GM seeds. Apparently U.S. food companies – and the Vatican – feel otherwise. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

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