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CBD needs to reinforce precaution against geoengineering to protect biodiversity

Briefing for delegates at SBSTTA 25

Affirming precaution on geoengineering and other dangerous distractions

Climate and biodiversity

9 - AFRICA, 2nd floor
October 17, 2023  |  1:15pm
Light refreshments will be served


Affirming the CBD’s leadership in taking precautionary decisions on geoengineering is urgent for the world to take real climate action and avoid false solutions.

Join us to learn about the latest dangerous distractions being promoted by geoengineers and hear from experts, civil society and governments who support precaution on geoengineering.

Long Food Project launches new tools to strengthen people-led food systems

To mark World Food Day (16 October 2023), IPES-Food and ETC-Group  are launching a series of practical resources aimed at helping all those of us in civil society organisations and movements around the world who reject “agribusiness-as-usual” and are working to strengthen people-led food systems in line with social justice and the planet’s survival. 

These Long Food Project resources encourage us to think decades ahead and collectively plan for the future.

Vacancy: Part-time Human Resources Manager

ETC Group is looking to hire a Human Resources manager to oversee the Human Resources aspect of our small international organization
meme with scenes from the matrix that read "research, monitoring, advocacy. ETC group is hiring. Join the crew."

October 2023

We are looking for someone who can reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion by infusing a culture of transparency and fairness within a group that is evolving towards a collective-management structure.

Job title: Part-time Human Resources Manager

Job type: Contract, part-time permanent (21 hours per week) Monday to Friday, flexible

Location: Remote with availability to work from ETC’s headquarters office in Montreal

Industrial seaweed will not cool the climate or save nature, new report says

Research shows that mass seaweed plantations pose a major threat to marine ecosystems and are unlikely to capture or permanently store significant quantities of carbon.

September 20, 2023 - A report published today by the international research organization ETC Group casts serious doubts on seaweed as an emerging “blue carbon” industry. Their research shows that mass seaweed plantations pose a major threat to marine ecosystems and are unlikely to capture or permanently store significant quantities of carbon.[1]

Solar Geoengineering could cause a climate disaster, we need to stop it

Overshoot Commission report endorses unproven carbon removal technology, opens door to solar geoengineering
Esquema de geoingeniería solar, de la página de Sola Geoengineering Non-Use Agreement

MEXICO, PHILIPPINES, CANADA – As one of the first civil society organizations to raise the alarm about the dangers of geoengineering, ETC Group strongly opposes the Climate Overshoot Commission’s report launched in New York today, especially its endorsement of unproven carbon removal technology, and the potential for this report to open the door to solar geoengineering. (Image from Solar Geoengineering Non-Use Agrement).

The “Immaculate Conception of Data” – and why it’s a problem

Episode 2 of 'Who will control the food system?'
Food Barons report cover art showing peasants resisting corporate digital giants

Tune into the next episode in our latest podcast mini-series, Who Will Control the Food System, where we uncover just who's pulling the strings of industrial agriculture, dissect the latest corporate strategies, and take inspiration from the peoples and movements fighting back.


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