SIGN ON! Open Letter Opposing Asilomar Geoengineering Conference

RE: Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies: March 22-26 2010

As civil society organizations and social movements working to find constructive solutions to climate change, we want to express our deep concerns with the upcoming privately organized meeting on geoengineering in Asilomar, California. Its stated aim, which is to «develop a set of voluntary guidelines, or best practices, for the least harmful and lowest risk conduct of research and testing of proposed climate intervention and geoengineering technologies,» is moving us down the wrong road too soon and without any speed limit.

 Geoengineering refers to the large-scale technological manipulation of the climate and related systems through techniques such as putting sulphate aerosols in the stratosphere, fertilizing the ocean, and whitening the clouds. The priority at this time is not to sort out the conditions under which this experimentation might take place but, rather, whether or not the community of nations and peoples believes that geoengineering is technically, legally, socially, environmentally and economically acceptable.


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