October 16, 2012

Statement by Environment Canada regarding HSRC Ocean fertilization Dump

Issued to Press on october 17th 2012


From: Sweet,Adam [NCR] [mailto:Adam.Sweet@ec.gc.ca] 
Sent: October-17-12 4:24 PM

Environmental protection and enforcement is a priority of our government. Under Budget 2012, we increased the levels of fines, and we have also recently increased the number of enforcement officers.

Until two days ago, this matter had not been elevated to the Minister’s attention. Upon being notified, he immediately sought answers into the scope of Environment Canada’s involvement in this issue.

Here are the facts of this matter:

·         Environment Canada Enforcement officers met with company representatives on May 7.

·         The representatives were informed that ocean fertilization is not allowed. In fact, they received fact sheets to this effect (attached), and these fact sheets were discussed at the meeting.

·         More specifically, the company was informed of requirements under the disposal at sea legislation, and they were informed that any iron ore deposit in waters, whether inside or outside the Canadian (200 nautical miles) limit, constitutes a violation of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA 1999), except if for purpose of legitimate research.

·         Environment Canada has never received an application for ocean fertilization under its Disposal At Sea program.

·         Environment Canada Enforcement Branch was informed about a possible incident on August 29, and an investigation was launched on August 30.

·         Environment Canada cannot comment on this particular case as the matter is currently under investigation by Environment Canada's Enforcement Branch.





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