January 29, 1997

World's Top 10 Seed Corporations

Ranked According to 1996 Seed Sales

Company Estimated 1996 seed sales (US) millions Comment

Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. (USA) $1,721 Dupont now owns 20% share in Pioneer

Novartis (Switzerland) $991 formerly Ciba Geigy and Sandoz

Limagrain (France) $552 French cooperative; claims to be the world's largest vegetable seed company.

Advanta - joint venture of Zeneca/Van der Have (The Netherlands) $493 Zeneca and Royal VanderHave established joint venture in 1996. The name of their merged company is Advanta

Grupo Pulsar (Mexico) approx $400 Pulsar (a giant agro-industrial corporation) owns Empresas La Moderna (Mexico), which is majority shareholder of Seminis Inc.

Sakata (Japan) $403 vegetable/flower/turfgrass

Takii (Japan) $396 privately-held; vegetable/flower/maize/turfgrass

Dekalb Plant Genetics (USA) $388 Monsanto is a large shareholder (approx. 40%)

KWS (Germany) $377 world's largest supplier of sugar-beet seeds (25% market share)

Cargill (USA) + $300 (estimate) privately-held; will not disclose financial information

Source: RAFI


At a glance:
The top 10 companies control approximately 40% of the global commercial seed market, valued at approximately (US) $15 billion.

World's Top 10 Agrochemical Corporations - 1996

Company 1996 Sales (US) Million Comment

Novartis (Switzerland) $4,511 Acquired Merck & Co. crop protection unit for $910 million May 1997

Monsanto (USA) $2,997

Zeneca (UK) $2,638

AgrEvo (Germany) $2,475 Acquired Plant Genetic Systems International N.V. for DM 1 billion

Du Pont (USA) $2,472 DuPont acquired 20% of Pioneer Hi-Bred (world's largest seed corporation) in Aug. 97.

Bayer (Germany) $2,350

Rhone-Poulenc (France) $2,203

Dow Agrosciences (USA) $2,010

American Home Products/American Cyanamid (USA) $1,989 American Home Products is parent of American Cyanamid

BASF (Germany) $1,536

Source: RAFI

Based on information provided by Pesticide Action Network North America; Agrow: World Crop Protection News, and Inverizon Business Consultants.

At a Glance:
The top 10 agrochemical corporations accounted for $25.1 billion, or 82% of all agrochemical sales in 1996.

Global agrochemical sales were US $30.5 billion in 1996, up more than 15% since 1994.

According to Dr. David Pimentel of Cornell University, a total of 501 species of insects and mites are currently known to be resistant to at least one class of chemical pesticides.

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