Militarism & Dissent: all materials

Graphic with a spanner and representations of various technologies around it.
Episode 2 of our new “Spanner in the System” podcast mini-series 29 Oct 2021
Demand by 110 civil society organizations and popular movements 4 Oct 2018
Regulatory change would spread modified genetic traits to wild organisms 22 Feb 2018
Disclosed emails reveal military as top funder; Gates Foundation paying $1.6 million to influence UN expert process 4 Dec 2017
The Case Against Climate Geoengineering 30 Nov 2017
Article for Heinrich Boell Foundation 30 Oct 2008
“It’s not how long – but how wise” cautions ETC Group 23 Jan 2008
J. Craig Venter Institute Seeks Monopoly Patents on the World's First-Ever Human-Made Life Form 6 Jun 2007
ETC Group Releases Report on Synthetic Biology 16 Jan 2007
Synthetic Biology - Global Societal Review Urgent! 22 May 2006
Demands Oversight and Societal Debate 18 May 2006