Militarism & Dissent: all materials

Monsanto surrenders 'suicide seeds' but continues work on other Traitor Technologies 3 Oct 1999
SBSTTA Decision sticks out as a lonely defense of Terminator against a global background of rejections. 27 Jun 1999
24 Jun 1999
The folks that brought you Terminator are now dumping Originator toxic seeds on farmers' fields. 20 Jun 1999
Letters to 140 national governments call for direct action as campaign to ban Terminator The technology enters new phase. Are patent-holders waving a white flag? 28 May 1999
New Patents for "Suicide Seeds" Threaten Farmers and Food Security Warns RAFI 26 Jan 1999
... or is the "Monster" just taking its own sterility strategy underground? Get Ready for Terminator II - the "TNT" of agriculture 14 Jan 1999
So Bad, Even Monsanto Can't put a Spin on It 7 Oct 1998
Fat Cat Corp. with Fat Rat gene can Kill Crops 23 Aug 1998
New Patent Aims to Prevent Farmers from Saving Seed 29 May 1998