Patents & Biopiracy: all materials

GRIM Patent (US #5,846,768 - December 8, 1998) 7 Dec 1998
Has CEO Bob Shapiro, the 'Goldfinger' of biotechnology, suddenly become the 'Man with the Minus Touch' ... or has Monsanto run afoul 007? 11 Nov 1998
Northern Patent Systems Threaten Food Security, Human Dignity, and are Predatory on the South's Resources and Knowledge 29 Oct 1998
Frost has come early for the CGIAR's much-awaited Systemwide Review 20 Oct 1998
So Bad, Even Monsanto Can't put a Spin on It 7 Oct 1998
147 Reasons to Cancel the WTO's Requirement for Intellectual Property on Plant Varieties The Biopiracy and Plant Patent Scandal of the Century 15 Sep 1998
An inquiry into potential for plant piracy through international intellectual propery Conventions A report by RAFI, in partnership with Heritage Seed Curators Australia (HSCA) 25 Aug 1998
Fat Cat Corp. with Fat Rat gene can Kill Crops 23 Aug 1998
Corporate Gene Hunters' Bid for Monopoly on Icelanders' DNA put on Hold 15 Jun 1998
New Patent Aims to Prevent Farmers from Saving Seed 29 May 1998
Andean Farmers Defeat U.S. University 21 May 1998