Patents & Biopiracy: all materials

The Intellectual Property Challenge to Public Agricultural Research and Human Rights and 28 Alternative Initiatives 29 Sep 2000
Canadian Courts Rule that Mammals can be a Patented Invention 9 Aug 2000
Delta & Pine Land Gets One Step Closer to Commercialization 27 Jul 2000
Presented by The Coalition Against BioPiracy. 14 Jun 2000
Captain Hook, the Cattle Rustlers, and the Plant Privateers: Biopiracy of Marine, Plant, and Livestock Continues 31 May 2000
For Outstanding Achievements in Biopiracy 16 May 2000
Nairobi Biodiversity Meeting Must Ban Terminator Or Precautionary Principle Will Become Post-Mortem Critics Warn 11 May 2000
Oil on Troubled Waters...or just a Tempest in a Test-tube? 11 Apr 2000
Will USDA's Biotech Advisory Board Demand Accountability? 23 Mar 2000
Terminator 2 Years Later 24 Feb 2000
Human Genetic Diversity Enters the Commercial Mainstream 31 Jan 2000
University of Georgia Refuses to Halt Project 30 Nov 1999
Seedless in Seattle - Terminator Tech Trumps Trade Talks 25 Nov 1999