Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity: all materials

Andean Farmers Defeat U.S. University 21 May 1998
Thousands Drop A Line to the Prince Urging Him to Drop the Patent 21 May 1998
The Terminator technology that sterilizes seed also threatens the food security of 1.4 billion people and must be terminated 14 May 1998
Its Now or Never for Agricultural Biodiversity in Bratislava 31 Mar 1998
The (Merchant) Prince and the (Punjabi) Paupers 30 Mar 1998
UN FAO, CGIAR Move to Defend Farmers' Rights, Crop Germplasm; Call for Plant "Patent" Moratorium on CG Seeds 14 Mar 1998
International Confusion, Anger Greet Australian Kleptomania of Farmers' Plant Varieties from other Countries. 14 Mar 1998
Allows Australians to "Patent" Plants Supposedly Held in Trust for Farmers 28 Feb 1998
But many questions remain ... and the fate of 26 other claims are in doubt 14 Feb 1998
UPOV Buries it Head; PBR Moratorium Page 31 Jan 1998
Or, how to "invent" a chickpea without really trying 14 Jan 1998
An independent study prepared by RAFI, now ETC group, for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization 29 Dec 1997