Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity: all materials

Alliances and Financial Stakes Grow in Human DNA Prospecting 18 Oct 1997
NRC Signals Need For Ethical Strategy to Protect Diversity. HGDP Opponents Vindicated After Five Years of Controversy 14 Oct 1997
CGRFA: Guiding Global Governance - A Civil Society Report 29 Jun 1997
Critical Crops; Patent Claims on Cloning 31 May 1997
A Civil Society Perspective on Food Security, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Issues in the Multilateral Arena 7 May 1997
A Resource Kit on Community Knowledge, Biodiversity, and Intellectual Property Rights 31 Dec 1996
"MUSE": MUltilateral System of Exchange 29 Dec 1996
Official Notice to Coincide with Human Rights Day 14 Dec 1996