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Nairobi Biodiversity Meeting Must Ban Terminator Or Precautionary Principle Will Become Post-Mortem Critics Warn 11 May 2000
SBSTTA Decision sticks out as a lonely defense of Terminator against a global background of rejections. 27 Jun 1999
24 Jun 1999
Its Now or Never for Agricultural Biodiversity in Bratislava 31 Mar 1998
A Civil Society Perspective on Food Security, Agriculture, and Biodiversity Issues in the Multilateral Arena 7 May 1997
A Resource Kit on Community Knowledge, Biodiversity, and Intellectual Property Rights 31 Dec 1996
Bio-Prospectors Hall of Shame...or Guess Who's Coming to Pirate Your Plants?! Pros and Cons of Bilateral Bioprospecting Agreements 26 Dec 1995
COPs... and Robbers... Transfer-Sourcing Indigenous Knowledge (with Indigenous Peoples' Biodiversity Network) 29 Nov 1994