ETC's reports and articles

Declaration of Athens is DOA at Georgia's International Congress of Ethnobiology. Ten Points on Piracy are offered toward a more constructive discourse. 1 Nov 2000
A Case Study in the Public Sector's Mismanagement of Intellectual Property 29 Oct 2000
The Intellectual Property Challenge to Public Agricultural Research and Human Rights and 28 Alternative Initiatives 29 Sep 2000
Canadian Courts Rule that Mammals can be a Patented Invention 9 Aug 2000
Delta & Pine Land Gets One Step Closer to Commercialization 27 Jul 2000
Scotts Says GM Grass Could be Greener with Terminator. USDA's Biotech Advisory Board Ruminates on Terminator. 25 Jul 2000
Seminis Eliminates 2,000 Varieties 16 Jul 2000
Presented by The Coalition Against BioPiracy. 14 Jun 2000
Captain Hook, the Cattle Rustlers, and the Plant Privateers: Biopiracy of Marine, Plant, and Livestock Continues 31 May 2000
For Outstanding Achievements in Biopiracy 16 May 2000
Nairobi Biodiversity Meeting Must Ban Terminator Or Precautionary Principle Will Become Post-Mortem Critics Warn 11 May 2000
Oil on Troubled Waters...or just a Tempest in a Test-tube? 11 Apr 2000
Will USDA's Biotech Advisory Board Demand Accountability? 23 Mar 2000