ETC's reports and articles

Update on Consolidation in the Life Industry 31 Mar 1999
... or, CARE - Handled by MONSANTO? Major US Relief Agency holds talks with troubled agbiotech multinational-- Who's helping Who? 8 Mar 1999
Ohio Bill Descriminates Against Seed-Saving Farmers 16 Feb 1999
Right to Save Seed in Poor Countries May be Eliminated as 15 African States are Pressured to Accept UPOV '91 16 Feb 1999
The Terminator's Wider Implications 31 Jan 1999
New Patents for "Suicide Seeds" Threaten Farmers and Food Security Warns RAFI 26 Jan 1999
Includes Novartis, Monsanto, and Zeneca Sterile Seed Patent Applications 14 Jan 1999
... or is the "Monster" just taking its own sterility strategy underground? Get Ready for Terminator II - the "TNT" of agriculture 14 Jan 1999
GRIM Patent (US #5,846,768 - December 8, 1998) 7 Dec 1998
Has CEO Bob Shapiro, the 'Goldfinger' of biotechnology, suddenly become the 'Man with the Minus Touch' ... or has Monsanto run afoul 007? 11 Nov 1998