Communique cover showing artist's interpretation of digital agriculture

The wrong kind of Food Systems Summit

Friday 23rd July 2021

Our latest communiqué looks at how the Food Systems Summit (FSS) planned for the fall of 2021 is not about changing food systems, but about spinning a story that props up and expands the industrial food chain at the expense of other food systems. The FSS’s proponents argue that the “food system” is broken, that population growth and climate change mean that we will not be able to feed everyone, and that only new technological developments can save us.

Envisaging rice farming in 2045 under two very different food systems

We map out two very different futures for food systems, people and the planet

Monday 29th March 2021

First, what do the next 25 years have in store with “agribusiness-as-usual”? The keys of the food system are handed over to data platforms, private equity firms, and e-commerce giants, putting the food security of billions at the mercy of high-risk, AI-controlled farming systems, and accelerating environmental breakdown. But what if the initiative is reclaimed by civil society and social movements?

How Gene Drive Organisms Could Entrench Industrial Agriculture and Threaten Food Sovereignty

Tuesday 16th October 2018

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Monday 15th October 2018
“Blocking the chain” critically assesses digital developments in the food and agricultural sector. It analyses the main actors in the digitalisation business and discusses the importance of digitalisation for small-scale farmers and workers along the industrial food chain worldwide.
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