International Marine Treaty Body Agrees Statement of 'Grave Concern' Regarding Haida Gwaii Ocean Fertilization Dump

The Contracting Parties to the London Convention and London Protocol, at their Joint Meeting in London this week (29 October to 2 November 2012), agreed on a statement of concern regarding the iron fertilization project in ocean waters west of Canada.

Jim Thomas, of ETC Group, speaking from Montreal, Canada: ¨The statement from the meeting of the London Convention/London Protocol is an unequivocal, international condemnation of the irresponsible geoengineering scheme that was deployed in waters west of Canada. It is now time for the government of Canada to take action and announce that it will prosecute those responsible for contravening this international convention. The Canadian government should also signal that they will move to make this the last geoengineering experiment. Any geoengineering deployment amounts to a rogue and unacceptable gamble with our future -- whoever carries it out.¨


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