New Technologies and the Threat to Sovereignty in Africa

ETC Group-Pambazuka Special Issue

- New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa
( - Firoze Manji and
Molly Kane
- The big squeeze: Geopirating the remaining commons
( - Pat Mooney
- Big continent and tiny technology: Nanotechnology and Africa
( - Kathy Jo Wetter
- Biopiracy, the intellectual property regime and livelihoods in
Africa ( - Oduor
- The new biomassters and their assault on livelihoods
( - Jim Thomas
- Synthetic biology in Africa: time to pay attention
( - Gareth Jones and
Mariam Mayet
- Pulp fact or fiction?
( - Khadija Sharife
- Unclean development mechanism
( - Blessing
- Of InfraREDD and InfoREDD
( - Pat Mooney
- Eco-certification: Who watches the watchers?
( - Khadija Sharife
- Is seed recuperation possible?
( - Anne Maina
- Geoengineering the planet: What is at stake for Africa?
( - Diana Bronson
- Voices of resistance and hope from the World People’s Conference on
Climate Change ( -
Silvia Ribeiro
- Biotechnology and dispossessions in Kenya
( - Khadija Sharife
- Further reading on biofuels, land rights and land grabbing
- Hands Off Mother Earth: Support the international campaign
- A note about ETC Group
( - ETC Group

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