October 06, 2023

Vacancy: Part-time Human Resources Manager

ETC Group is looking to hire a Human Resources manager to oversee the Human Resources aspect of our small international organization
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October 2023

We are looking for someone who can reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion by infusing a culture of transparency and fairness within a group that is evolving towards a collective-management structure.

Job title: Part-time Human Resources Manager

Job type: Contract, part-time permanent (21 hours per week) Monday to Friday, flexible

Location: Remote with availability to work from ETC’s headquarters office in Montreal

Deadline: This vacancy is open until filled

Main duties will include :

  • Developing creative strategies for recruiting the best possible candidates from diverse backgrounds and maintaining a candidate database
  • Overseeing and coordinating employee hiring processes in partnership with project managers and drawing up contracts
  • Developing on-boarding procedures for new employees and providing orientation and training on organizational policies and processes
  • Serving as a resource for all staff, providing information and resolving day-to-day HR issues in consultation with management committee
  • Creating, updating and implementing HR related policies
  • Ensuring health and well-being of staff
  • Managing issues with staff in a fair, compassionate and effective manner
  • Handling grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures
  • Ensuring the accuracy of sick days, vacation days and national holidays in the work calendar
  • Assisting with health claims management and completion of forms and paperwork
  • Managing medical, dental and other benefits of employees
  • Conducting and documenting annual employee performance evaluations and communicating with staff regarding their performance
  • Supporting the overall organizational vision, plans, budgets, and strategies
  • Attending and participating in meetings taking place in different time zones when necessary
  • Promoting equality and diversity in the workplace

Values and Attributes

  • Strong communication and writing skills in English and French
  • Integrity, strong understanding of confidentiality and discretion
  • Positive “can-do” attitude, with initiative, creativity and good sense of humour
  • Knowledge of north/south and cross-cultural differences and overlaps
  • Disposition to work with colleagues who may need help in diverse timezones

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Minimum five years experience working as a Human Resources manager, preferably within a NGO/NPO environment
  • Experience in conflict transformation is a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but a DEC in a related field with strong workplace experience will be considered
  • Experience working in organisations with collective/horizontally-managed structure
  • Salary commensurate with experience

Please note that only candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

Send your application to jobs@etcgroup.org



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