Terminator & New Enclosures: all materials

Worldwide Movement of Farmers, Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society Organizations Calls for Ban 30 Mar 2006
Farmers Face Billions of Dollars in Potential Costs 21 Mar 2006
26 Feb 2006
Biotech Giant Revises Pledge on Sterile Seed Technology as Global Alliance Calls for a Ban 20 Feb 2006
Terminator Opponents Prepare for Battle at COP8 in Curitiba, Brazil March 20-31, 2006 26 Jan 2006
CBD's Working Group on 8(j) Meets in Granada, Spain 23-27 January 2006 20 Jan 2006
Captain Hook and fellow crooks are in Curitiba where cogs* are keeping the COPs in line at the UN’s Biodiversity Convention 4 Jan 2006
On the shortest day of the year [in the North] – ETC Group provides a brief update on one of the longest-running patent challenges 20 Dec 2005
Policy options for genetic resources (and Patents Revisited) 30 Nov 2005
Belated Visa for Africa's Top Diplomat leaves UN's Montreal Biosafety negotiations in suspense 23 May 2005
Montreal's status as UN's biodiversity headquarters is jeopardized 17 May 2005