Terminator & New Enclosures: all materials

President opens door to Terminator seeds 16 Apr 2009
147 organisations from 44 countries warn against 'biochar' (large-scale charcoal) as a dangerous new false solution to climate change 8 Apr 2009
New report warns of corporate concentration, commodification of nature; highlights global resistance grounded in "Food Sovereignty" 11 Nov 2008
Corporate Power and the Final Frontier in the Commodification of Life 11 Nov 2008
The Coalition Against Biopiracy* exposes Hooks and celebrates Cogs 20 May 2008
The Coalition Against Biopiracy today calls for nominations for the Fifth Captain Hook Awards 6 Mar 2008
but little joy in foiling soy ploy at this late date 2 May 2007
Synthetic Biology - Global Societal Review Urgent! 22 May 2006