Terminator & New Enclosures: all materials

Indigenous & Local Communities and Farmers Rights-by Harry B. Collins and Roger W. Krueger (NOT an ETC publication) 29 Dec 2003
From: Indigenous and farming communities in Oaxaca, Puebla, Chihuahua, Veracruz, CECCAM, CENAMI, ETC Group, CASIFOP, UNOSJO, AJAGI 8 Oct 2003
Europe's (and the World's) Big Soy Berger 6 May 2003
US Government and Multinational Seed Industry Force UPOV to Abandon Critique of Terminator 16 Apr 2003
A mix of Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes (B.A.N.G.) make the world come ‘round – for the USA! 31 Mar 2003
The Year of Playing Dangerously 24 Oct 2002
Extract of Andean Root Crop Patented for “Natural Viagra” Properties 2 Jul 2002
Food Sovereignty and the World Food Summit - 27 Modest Proposals 4 Jun 2002
...to promote genetic seed sterilization - Terminator technology - as an environmental protection technology 30 Apr 2002
"Using Terminator to halt GM seed contamination is like...Using DDT to kill the ants on your sandwich" 10 Apr 2002