Patents & Biopiracy: all materials

The Coalition Against Biopiracy* exposes Hooks and celebrates Cogs 20 May 2008
Amid Global Food Crisis, Biotech Companies are Exposed as Climate Change Profiteers 12 May 2008
The Coalition Against Biopiracy today calls for nominations for the Fifth Captain Hook Awards 6 Mar 2008
The Global Seed Vault Raises Political/Conservation Debate 31 Jan 2008
Ciao FAO: Another "Failure-as-Usual" Food Summit 31 Dec 2007
Venter's Team Makes Vast Patent Grab on Synthetic Genomes 7 Dec 2007
Based on 2006 Seed Revenues 29 Oct 2007
but little joy in foiling soy ploy at this late date 2 May 2007
This time the “silver bullet” has a gun 29 Apr 2007
This time the “silver bullet” has a gun 15 Apr 2007