Patents & Biopiracy: all materials

The Case for Technology Assessment 27 Nov 2011
New Book from ETC Group in collaboration with Pambazuka News 26 Oct 2011
The Big Downturn presented in WSF 9 Feb 2011
Available in English, French and Spanish 18 Nov 2010
ETC Group-Pambazuka Special Issue 20 Oct 2010
Civil Society Calls for Precaution 13 Oct 2010
As Craig Venter announces lab-made life, ETC Group calls for Global Moratorium on Synthetic Biology. 19 May 2010
Civil Society Groups announce new global campaign against geoengineering tests – urge public to join in. 21 Apr 2010
Geoengineers Bid to Establish Voluntary Testing Regime Must be Opposed 11 Feb 2010
New report warns of corporate concentration, commodification of nature; highlights global resistance grounded in "Food Sovereignty" 11 Nov 2008
Corporate Power and the Final Frontier in the Commodification of Life 11 Nov 2008