COP8 - final day - 6000 farmers protest outside: greet buses

The protests of Via Campesina and Brazils Landless Workers Movement (Movimento Sem Terra - MST) have been critical to the outcomes of this meeting. The protests continue this morning as 6000 peasant farmers are outside greeting buses of delegates as they come in. The protests have been so important in maintaining momentum and reminding delegates what was said last week against Terminator, reminding them how interventions from peasant farmers and Indigenous peoples made them understand the real impacts Terminator would have.

This morning buses were forced to drive through a long corridor of protestors waving red MST flags - or cut across the road - either way the protest was visible and audible.

Many delegates have been affected by the protests, especially those who do not often interact or get so close to street demonstrations. In particular, for some sheltered bureaucrats in the North the demonstrations have had a powerful emotional impact and have communicated the real stakes for people.

On the final day of the meeting this is a critical message and one that government delegates should now take home.

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