Webinar: Outsmarting Nature?

Available to watch on Synbiowatch.org

Movements & Emerging Technologies Webinars present:

Outsmarting Nature?

A webinar on Synthetic Biology for Crops and Agriculture

What’s the role of synthetic biology in our food system and how does it relate to “climate-smart” agriculture? What are the costs and risks?

Host: Tom Philpott, Food & Agriculture Journalist with Mother Jones

Expert: Pat Mooney, Executive Director, ETC Group

Commentators: Teresa Anderson, Policy Officer, Climate & Resilience International, ActionAid. Ramona Duminicioi Eco-Ruralis Romania, La Via Campesina

Webinar is available to watch on the SynBioWatch website at  http://www.synbiowatch.org/outsmarting-nature-webinar/

The Movements and Emerging Technologies (M&ET) webinar series is supported by a grant from the European Union Framework 7 Programme’s SYNENERGENE Project: www.synenergene.eu

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