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Geoengineering and Synthetic Biology

Charlene Spretnak, host of All Together Now, talks with Pat Mooney, Executive Director of ETC Group, in Ottawa, about the push by many governments for “techno fixes” (instead of burning far less fossil fuel), such

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African Centre for Biosafety, ETC Group, FoodMattersZimbabwe and CTDT

Johannesburg, Harare, Mexico City 15 April 2013

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The Artificial Intelligence of Geoengineering, Part 3 

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World Social Forum Event organized by La Via Campesina, GRAIN and ETC Group

GROWING POWER IN PEASANT SEEDS SYSTEMS: Farmers seeds and struggle against GMOs, AGRA- 2nd Green Revolution. Tunis, March 29.

Full links and background on the 2012 ocean fertilization scheme by HSRC.


In October 2012 ETC Group uncovered that a commercial geoengineering firm had quietly carried out the world's largest geoengineering deployment to-date (in July 2012).



Note: for full links to other materials on this incident please see this page


The Prehistory

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The Artificial Intelligence of Geoengineering, Part II 

(To read Part I, click here)


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