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Stop the spread of synthetic biology

ETC Group News Release

5th June 2013

Last Chance for Kickstarter to stop release of risky seeds

ETC Group and Friends of The Earth request a halt to Synthetic Biology project.


2 May 2013 Dear Antony Evans,

Request to Cancel the Kickstarter Synthetic Biology ʻGlowing Plantsʼ project.

Letter sent by ETC Group and Friends of the Earth to USDA APHIS


April 30, 2013


1400 Independence Avenue,

SW Room 1147

South Building

Washington DC 20250


Ms. Bethany Jones:

Geoengineering and Synthetic Biology

Charlene Spretnak, host of All Together Now, talks with Pat Mooney, Executive Director of ETC Group, in Ottawa, about the push by many governments for “techno fixes” (instead of burning far less fossil fuel), such

News/Press Release

African Centre for Biosafety, ETC Group, FoodMattersZimbabwe and CTDT

Johannesburg, Harare, Mexico City 15 April 2013


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