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2012 Whizzed and then it Fizzed, but 2013 can be Better

To get 2013 off with a technological BANG, ETC staff are offering (what, for us, amounts to) a ‘light-hearted’ reflection on the year past and projections for the one already upon us.

By Pat Mooney for Oxfam's online-discussion

If we are to survive climate change, we must adopt policies that let peasants diversify the plant and animal varieties on our menus. Only they have the know-how and patience to find out what plants and livestock will thrive where. A fundamental change in the regulatory machinery is needed.

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Mexico remains on high alert following the attempts of Monsanto and other agribusiness multinationals to win the government’s approval to plant 2.5 million hectares of transgenic maize in Mexico, the center of origin and diversity of maize.

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Don't let Monsanto and the Big Turkeys of Biotech gobble up the global corn harvest this Thanksgiving!  Sign the Global Petition.

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Gene Giants Prepare the Genetic Wipe-out of One of the World’s Most Important Food Crops


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The Contracting Parties to the London Convention and London Protocol, at their Joint Meeting in London this week (29 October to 2 November 2012), agreed on a statement of concern regarding the iron fert

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Commercial geoengineer obtained more than $1 million of community funds; Governments meeting in Hyderabad, India to discuss oversight of geoengineering



In mid-october 2012 ETC Group, working with partners, uncovered a large-scale unauthorised geoengineering scheme that had been carried out in July 300km off the west coast of Canada, close to the islands of Haida Gwaii.

A briefing for delegates to CBD COP11

Geoengineering refers to technologies designed to intervene in and alter earth systems on a large scale – particularly proposals to manipulate the climate system as a ‘technofix’ for climate change.


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