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From Terminator to Exterminator

20 years after suicide seeds, civil society mobilizes in Egypt this week to stop the sequel – Gene Drive Organisms
History repeating
  • It has been twenty years since ETC Group and allies uncovered a US patent on what became known as “Terminator technology” – seeds genetically engineered to stop farmers breeding with them. Civil society and farmer movements protested that these “suicide seeds” would threaten seed-saving practices that are as old as agriculture. 

China’s Plan to Seed Himalayan Clouds Is Geoengineering – Unintentional or Otherwise

“Sky River” on Tibetan Plateau is largest-ever weather modification project, tens of thousands of burning chambers planned

A massive weather modification network – the largest ever — is being planned for the Tibetan Plateau. The plan, according to recent reports, is to cover an area of the size of Spain with thousands of fuel burning chambers (roughly akin to upside-down rockets) to blast silver iodide into the atmosphere, stimulating cloud formation and precipitation.

Más de 200 líderes y organizaciones globales por la alimentación rechazan los “impulsores genéticos”

Nuevo informe denuncia cómo la controvertida tecnología de “forzamiento” genético se desarrolla para aplicaciones agrícolas

Líderes y organizaciones globales que representan cientos de millones de campesinos, agricultores y trabajadores de la alimentación, establecieron hoy su claro rechazo a los “impulsores genéticos”.

Over 200 Global Food Movement Leaders and Organizations Reject "Gene Drives"

New Report exposes how a controversial genetic forcing technology is targeting the farm

Rome, 16 October 2018 (World Food Day) – Global food movement leaders and organizations representing hundreds of millions of farmers and food workers today set out their clear opposition to “gene drives” – a controversial new genetic forcing technology. Their call for a stop to this technology accompanies a new report, Forcing the Farm, that lifts the lid on how gene drives may harm food and farming systems. 

» Download the report (pdf)

Alto inmediato a la geoingeniería

Exigen 110 organizaciones y movimientos populares

Boletín de prensa por Grupo ETC, Red Indígena Ambiental, Amigos de la Tierra Internacional, Vía Campesina, Climate Justice Alliance y BiofuelWatch.

En un Manifiesto publicado el día de hoy, 23 organizaciones internacionales, 6 “premios Nobel alternativos” y 87 organizaciones nacionales de cinco continentes, llaman a parar la experimentación y consideración de la geoingeniería climática. Entre los firmantes hay movimientos de pueblos indígenas y movimientos campesinos, así como redes de organizaciones ambientalistas y de justicia climática, entre otras.

Immediate stop to climate geoengineering

Demand by 110 civil society organizations and popular movements

Collective press release by ETC Group, the Indigenous Environmental Network, Friends of the Earth International, La Via Campesina, Climate Justice Alliance and BiofuelWatch.

In a widely-supported Manifesto released today, 23 international organizations, six “Alternative Nobel Prize” recipients, and 87 national organizations from five continents called for a halt to testing and political consideration of climate geoengineering.

Patagonia’s bet on biotech fabrics may threaten livelihoods and ecosystems

Farmers and environmentalists sound the alarm


OAKLAND, CA — The fashion and technology sectors alike have been abuzz about high-tech fabrics derived from genetically engineered microorganisms. Most notably, Patagonia Inc. – noted in the past for its support of organic textiles and its opposition to genetic engineering – has surprisingly teamed up with Bay Area based biotech startup Bolt Threads to help propel genetically engineered clothes to market.